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All Categories » Uncategorized » Other » False allegations by NHS consultant

False allegations by NHS consultant

04 Jan 2018 07:31 taxpayer1
  • » The shit has hit the fan... (5/5)
Consultant made a false allegation that I failed to attend an appointment and used that as an excuse to deny me the care to which i am legally entitled as a taxpayer who funds the NHS. Wrote me an angry letter with a disturbingly hostile and hateful tone and kept repeating the allegation after I told him I never received an appointment letter. As this is a common NHS scam to reduce patient numbers and i had already busted another hospital doing the same - that hospital has repeatedly failed to provide evidence of an appointment letter despite a thorough grilling by the information commissioner - I challenged this hospital to provide evidence of an appointment letter, proof of posting and evidence of receipt by me. Surprise surprise, they rolled over and admitted there was NO APPOINTMENT LETTER EVER SENT OUT. Yet the consultant lied and even claimed a specific date of posting the non existent letter. What concerns me most is the way the consultant decided to wade in on the complaint and send me angry letters perpetuating the unsubstantiated allegation before the complaints dept had even completed their investigation. My personal feeling is that the consultant was behind the whole thing, probably under pressure to reduce patient numbers and thus resorting to high unethical tactics. I am disgusted because the allegation of non attendance is now captured on my GP record too; false allegations on patient records severely prejudice and undermine patient care.

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17 Jan 2018 17:16 lizard

I also have false "failed to attend"s on my GP rapsheet.
Who knows what else is recorded since it is UK government secret!!
Ineptitude, falsehoods, secrecy and incompetence are pillars of the
British way of do-ing (not do-ing) things. Crap I'm sorry to say

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