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Shit reviews...

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Poundland's shady practice ..

14 Dec 2017 20:27 lizard
  • » Bull shit... (4/5)

Most unimpressed with Poundland's way of pricing stuff they want rid of.
Usually it's foodstuff where the BBE date has arrived or is imminent.
They use stickers saying, for example, "reduced 25p" the "25p" being very
large and prominently high-contrast -but the "reduced" word is less so and is
very low-contrast.

Careful, and hungry, shoppers like me will be caught by the "25p" on a pack
of Chilli Chicken (thinking "that'll do nicely for lunch").

Not so: at the checkout they insisted that the item was at a regular price
(unknown and un-displayed) but reduced by 25p !!

So no sale (at least not to me) and time wasted piddling around with a refund.
Spent about GBP12.00 on other stuff however. Basically unimpressed.

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08 Jan 2018 10:01 taxpayer1

Thanks for the warning. I will give the place a miss.

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