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Wilko (again)

12 Aug 2017 17:49 lizard
  • » It's a floater... (3/5)
Getting pretty pissed off now with the Wanko website.
They are advertising spare parts for Wilko mowing equipment that cannot be
found. Luckily the stuff (Chinese) they sell is hardly unique and I can buy without
pain and aggro elswhere.
I wonder why Wilko growth is 80% down ? Why in god's name don't they fix
their rubbish website and/or dump their rubbish IT staff and rubbish outsourcer.
Someone's taking someone for a ride. Maybe Lisa Wilkinson has only a faint grasp
of the business they are in. Amazon wins every time.
Well, I was going to gripe on about the joke Wilko website and how very hard it is to actually make a purchase, among other annoyances.
But .. today I have found much worse problems trying to buy from George (Asda) and Peacocks !
I think it is significant that all three (Wilko, Asda, Peacocks) are bleating about dramatically lower sales figures.

In the Wilko case their appalling online presence (apparently the work of some folk called Venda) is a picture of style over substance and is frankly disgraceful.
Someone, either lazy Wilko or greedy Venda, is really not doing their job properly -relegating both entities to the second division.
It is abundantly clear that (a)no-one checks their own work and (b)nobody at either company is attempting to buy from Wilko -which would reveal obvious shortcomings.

Wilko report an 80% decline in annual earnings and a staff cull. I wonder why that is -certainly I have recently aborted at least six online purchase attempts.
Additionally Wilko has hiked their prices by greater than 47% on some items that used to buy regularly -so I go elsewhere -much as I like Wilko and the in-store convenience.

I could go on .. and on.

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