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Tesco online

13 Aug 2017 19:59 lizard
  • » It's a floater... (3/5)
Well .. nothing from dodgy Dave of course .. probably busy checking the zeros on his payslip.
Anyway, while he and Mrs L await their Ocado delivery, I can report that certain items are now cheaper in Tesco than in Lidl .. yes it's true (can't say too much under the bitch Brasier's (aka May's) police state stampede regulations

Today Tesco say "Welcome to our new website". Well I can tell you that it is shit.
Why the fuck do they change something that was pretty good to a total pile of Dave Lewis crappola ?
I 'searched' for 'fresh turbot' (ie:fish) and got all kinds of drivel from 'Tesco Fresh Cream Strawberry Jam Doughnut 2 Pack', 'Tesco British Chicken Breast Portions 950G', 'Tesco Beef Lean Steak Mince 500G 5% Fat' to 'Tesco Fresh Egg Fusilli Pasta 400G'. Incredible ? No! you try it !!
Why the fuck do they piss about in areas they know nothing about ??? Well, Dave .. WTF ?

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