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Argos web scam ...

12 Nov 2017 20:06 lizard
  • » It's a floater... (3/5)
I do not really understand why no-one is talking about the current web scam masquerading as a 'special offer' from Argos.

I can understand, however, that Argos (Sainsbury) may well be covering up the scam since email addresses held by either may have been purloined through their shoddy attention to security of customer data.

I would imagine that everyone knows that Argos|Sainsbury are extremely stingy when it comes to pricing, no serious offers and everything at xxx.99.

They prefer to spend huge sums on expensive advertising rather than offer better prices to prospective buyers. Canny buyers go elsewhere.

Cover-up or what ??

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08 Jan 2018 10:04 taxpayer1

Thanks for pointing out the lack of information security. This is exactly why I do not have a "loyalty" card.

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